Writings on radical education, youth development, memory, decolonization, poetry, and working on ally work from yet another white, cis woman in grad school.
August is a bad time, resilience is perverted for the white capitalist machine, etc.
School isn't for its students
I don’t think most of us actually want to drink ourselves to death, but it’s difficult not to.
The threat to Roe v Wade is a human rights crisis, particularly for BIPOC, queer folks, and people who are low-income. Educate yourself, move money…
Unless your Christian congregation is actively engaged in reparations work for Indigenous and First Nations peoples, and the survivors of the Catholic…
About a picture book, a birthday, and why I am what I am.
Dispatches from my floor and the pandemically exacerbated linguistic divide between my brain and body as we pass the 2 year marker.
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